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The Good Hawk

If everything was taken from you, what would you do to get it back?


Agatha patrols the sea wall with pride, despite those in her clan who question her right to be there, because of the condition she was born with.

Jaime is a reluctant Angler, full of self-doubt and afraid of the sea.

When disaster strikes, the pair must embark on a terrifying journey to a land where forgotten magic and dark secrets lurk in every shadow...

Thrilling and dark, yet rich with humour and compassion, this novel marks the debut of a wonderful new voice in fantasy and a welcome new kind of protagonist - perfect for fans of The Girl of Ink and Stars, Garth Nix and Michelle Paver. 

The Good Hawk is the first book in the Shadow Skye series.

The Broken Raven

In a world of shadows, hope can be found...

Agatha and Jaime have rescued their clan and returned home to Skye as heroes. But when Agatha uncovers a threat to their people, she unwittingly releases a terrible power that could kill every living thing on the island. Jaime must race to Scotia to hunt an ancient blood magic, which may be their only chance of survival.

Meanwhile, a ship from Norveg sails for the court of King Edmund of Ingland, where a dangerous alliance is forming - one that will soon turn its vengeful eyes to Skye. Sigrid, a girl with an extraordinary memory, works to free herself from the clutches of the cruel king. She will have to risk everything if she and the people of Skye are to survive the gathering shadows...

The Broken Raven is the second book in the Shadow Skye series.

The Burning Swift

As old enemies unite, only the most powerful will survive...

News has reached Skye of a vast army approaching from the south, intent on the annihilation of every Scotian.


As Jaime risks his life on an ancient and forbidden blood magic, Sigrid returns to the wilds of Ingland in the hope of an alliance. Meanwhile, Agatha is forced on a journey to the very heart of the enemy.


With the army marching ever closer, Jaime, Agatha, and Sigrid will need all their courage, cunning and sacrifice to survive the final battle and save the future of Scotia...

The Burning Swift is the epic conclusion to the critically acclaimed Shadow Skye series.

Click on the map of Scotia to discover more about Joseph's inspiration behind The Good Hawk

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Nora and the Map of Mayhem


When Atticus and Autumns dads leave them with their eccentric great-grandmother Nora for the weekend, theyre hoping for a few days scoffing biscuits and playing video games. But when Noras around, nothing ever goes quite to plan...

After a stranger from Nora
s past leaves a menacing note pinned to her front door, Atticus and Autumn are swept away on a hair-raising adventure dodging snot-flinging sea monsters, battling thunderous electrosquibs and trying to escape from a very flappy goose!

Complete with wild and joyful illustrations from Nici Gregory, this rip-roaring tale is perfect for readers aged 8 and up.

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