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“Thrilling... With its blend of unusual character development and clever exploration of ancient realms, “The Good Hawk” is a story fantasy-loving young readers may not even know they’ve been waiting for.” 
- The New York Times
“A thrilling, strange and brutally involving debut.”
Book of the Month
- The Guardian 
“An exciting new fantasy series.”
A 2020 'Book of the Year'
- The Times 
“This is the first book in the Shadow Skye series and its an absolute cracker. Electifying... highly recommended.”
- The Belfast Telegraph
“As Agatha might say, this is a gripping story and a dark one and it is a good one.”
- Wall Street Journal
“Debut author Joseph Elliott has managed to whip up a proper barnstormer with this Young Adult tale... This book is a charismatic charmer.”
- SFX Magazine
“The chill barren setting of Scotia provides rich terrain for an unsettling wildness, which Elliott cleverly lets reign in the closing epilogue, as he pushes the remarkable Agatha’s fate to the forefront.” - The Irish Times
“Rich in atmosphere and dripping in grisly violence... a fresh and exciting debut.”
- Kirkus
“A brave new voice in fantasy fiction.” - Sally Green, author of Half Bad
The Good Hawk blends ancient myth and doses of spectacularly dark magic with the most likeable- and unlikely- pair of heroes. A gripping, brutal adventure that completely swept me away.” - Emma Carroll, author of Secrets of a Sun King
The Good Hawk is an incredibly special and important book... Not only is this a heart-warming story about friendship and courage and what it means to truly be a hero, the plot is so gripping and compelling that I could hardly turn the pages fast enough to keep up with it.” - Holly Jackson, author of A Good Girl's Guide To Murder
The Good Hawk is a brilliant, beguiling adventure, with a richly imagined world and beautifully rendered heroes. I could not put it down. Joseph Elliott’s story feels at once timeless and new—it’s one of the best fantasy works I have read in years. I was utterly enthralled.” - Jonathan Auxier,
author of The Night Gardener
“A triumph. A compelling, sweeping and often brutal adventure with true friendship and tenderness at its heart. Agatha is one of the most brilliantly voiced and engaging characters I have ever read, and the sort of hero children's literature has been lacking for too long.” - Katya Balen, author of October, October
“A sublimely plotted, windswept adventure ... told with heart and humour, in beautifully sparse prose, this book made me laugh with delight and gasp with surprise.” - Cerrie Burnell, author of The Girl with Shark's Teeth
“Joseph Elliott has written the fandom I've been waiting for. Forget Gryffindor, Dauntless, and House Stark... I want to be a Hawk.” - Aisha Bushby, author of A Pocketful of Stars
“Agatha is that rare thing in fiction - a truly original hero, one for us all. I loved The Good Hawk!” 
- Ian Irvine, author of The Three Worlds Cycle
“A thrilling adventure in a beautifully imagined world.  I defy you not to want to follow Agatha to the end of the known world.”
- Frank Cottrell-Boyce, author of Millions
Early reviews for the Nora and the Map of Mayhem:
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